So, you finally mustered up the courage or saved up the cash to order that something indulgent you’ve been eyeing online since forever and even though the website said shipping time was only a few days you knew it was going to take a week or two, but you waited patiently none the less. Then all of a sudden you doorbell rings out of the blue just before you forgot about the parcel and suddenly you exited because it finally arrived!

Most times you get so excited you just sign and run back inside to unfurl you long awaited treasure and to your utter shock and horror, your parcel arrived damaged. This must have happened to everyone at least once in their lifetime- for regular shoppers at least once every couple of months, but what should you do?

Don’t panic!

Well before you start to panic (even though this is still most frustrating either way), this doesn’t mean that all is lost. Most online vendors will gladly refund your money or more likely replace the damaged item at no charge to you. Yes, you will have to wait for the new one to arrive in the post again, but it will come. For these types of situations there will usually be a process to follow, which could either entail calling a customer care centre or e-mailing the company with your complaint. You may have to at this point supply copies of your purchase, fill out a claim form and even sometimes end a picture of the damaged item- mostly companies use this information to track the cause and deal with the delivery service, or branch of their company.

Is parcel insurance worth it?

On the other hand, sometimes parcels sent by friends or relatives can arrive damaged and at this point there’s only one important question to answer. Did you or the sender take out insurance on the parcel?

Well unlike online vendors, postal and parcel services are unlikely to replace the item or refund you for its value, unless it’s a private delivery vendor which provides insurance as a standard feature. However you look at it, these instances where privately sent packages were damaged are usually going to be more of a pain to recoup your losses. As mentioned it is highly possible and if you have taken out insurance it could be a simple process if the insurance provider or customer service branch of the postal service is easy to deal with- not likely but possible.

It is important when claiming damages on privately sent parcels that all criteria are met. This usually refers to commonly excluded items from parcel insurance such as crockery, cameras or monitors. Additionally there may also be specification as to how the parcel should be packaged to be covered but this may vary from one delivery services or insurance provider to another.

The easiest solution is usually just to make sure that you package you parcels as safely as is humanly possible- loads of bubble wrap, reinforced boxes and just an extra hint of care.