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How to Load and Secure Load on a Vehicle

According to the HSE, dangerous loading on vehicles accounts for more than 1,200 injuries each year and millions of pounds of damaged goods in British businesses. Thus, correctly safeguarding loads is good for business – this means items are delivered on time and safely.


You must follow all guidelines and precautions before you carry out any form of loading on vehicles otherwise you risk messing up and putting not only yourself in danger, but also everyone else as well as the goods.


5 Quick Tips to Ease Loading:


  • Avoid loading unless you have enough light. Make sure you have appropriate lightening in the area, and you can see what you are doing.


  • You must have a detailed inspection of the vehicle. Make sure everything (horns, reflectors, lights) are present and working in their best conditions.


  • Use a bubble wrap or tarp to cover small objects.


  • If it is a passenger vehicle, then make sure unsecured objects must not be loaded loosely. Upon stopping, it might jerk off and hit the passenger.


  • When on the way, keep checking from time to time to guarantee that everything is in its place.


When you load…


  • Do not overload. You know how much your vehicle can load, therefore utilize that capacity in the best way. Overloading can cause serious issues.


  • Pick a suitable vehicle for each type of goods. Raw materials, fabrics, liquids, company goods, in fact, everything has its particular kind of car.


  • Use hooks, eyes, rails, anchors, clamps, straps, chains or ropes to hold the load in its fix place.


  • It is preferred to pack everything in even boxes or wrappings such as cartons to keep them super secure.


  • Keep the locks and lashings tight. And cover the goods with sheets of plastic or fabric so that they are secured in unexpected and unsuitable weather.


  • Don’t pile the objects on the top of another. This means attaining height, which is risky. Carriers with a high centre of gravity are expected to become unstable when overloaded.


  • You must not leave space between load and headboard.


How to properly secure loads?


  • There are multiple options to be used for securing loads on a vehicle. There are combinations as well, which can be used at a time for proper stability and safety of loads.


  • Blocking and Bracing: Lumber, metal and even plastic bars are used to inhibit front to rear shifting of loads in a vehicle.


  • Fasteners: Nails and bolts are used to brace the loads. They are either used separately or on wood blocks which help to hold goods.


  • Dunnage: Scrap wood is used to fill voids. They fill the space between the goods and prevent the shifting of the load.


  • Strapping: Steel, polyester, nylon, paper strapping’s are used to hold the loads tightly in its place. They offer strength, elasticity and ability to withstand various environments. Very easy to use and safe. They are available at affordable costs.


  • Lashings: Ropes, chains, wires, nets and cables are used to secure the load. It minimizes the shifting of goods.


Carelessness can lead to….


Many times drivers and people who load goods on vehicles leave everything on luck. They don’t take guidelines seriously and show carelessness in taking safety precautions. The repercussions are inevitable. In such conditions, injuries and deaths are a common occurrence.


  • Vehicles which are overloaded or improperly loaded lose their balance and overturn.


  • When there is space left between the headboard and loaded goods, braking can be fatal for the driver.


  • When goods are not packed in a satisfactory way, then, they either fall off or bang against each other resulting in damage.
With such a truck would be a joy to ride

The fact that the trucker’s work is not easy at all, we already know. Hundred of kilometers, driving during the day, during the night and in every wheather. All of this the trucker have to handle with. And to be sincere, sleeping in a cabin truck is not really a luxury. Volvo is trying to change this fact. They introduced a new model of handler in their offer, from which the driver won‘t want to come out and rest in it will be a balm not only for the body but also for the soul.

New Volvo!

New luxury VNL Volvo tractors have been introduced in America and are the successors of old models that have been on the market since 2002. The company didn‘t concentrate on fleet renewal, so all she did was improve old models to keep pace with time. But this could not work indefinitely. The competition is huge nowadays and Volvo is gradually lagging behind. The only thing the company had to do was to bend and bring new models.

Changes from basics …

And here the car maker really cared. In order to catch up with the competition, she literally dug the whole cabin. The goal was to get to the hard-working truckers the best of comfort, not only during the ride but also during the rest. So here we have a VNL flagship. During the ride it can offer improvements that will improve the driver’s comfort. For example, such a normally pillar management is not at all ordinary, but “miraculous”. It can be set in multiple axes so that everyone can adjust the steering wheel to the position that suits it most.

Comfort on the first place

The steering wheel is equipped with the maximum number of control buttons to keep them for a driver on hand and doesn‘t have to distract while driving by searching for the right button somewhere on the dashboard. If the crew wants to refresh themselves with drinks, they have two beverage holders. These can be moved from side to side. The small object storage was moved directly onto the dashboard. Drivers is more likely to store objects higher and in sight. The instrument panel is complete with a large display to show important information. We can find the basic data on the classic analogue indicators.

And now to the main one. What does the hotel on wheels offers? At the rear of the cabin is everything the truck driver needs for a comfortable rest. Although it may seem like the space is a bit slim, it only seems like that. There are two beds one above the other. On the top bed you can scrape off thanks to the telescopic ladder. Even on the top bed is enough place for a person 186 centimeters high, which can sit there well without  uncomfortable feel under the roof. Just take the cold beer from the fridge, warm up your food in the microwave and enjoy your footbal on the TV directly in the warmth and comfort of the cabin.

A truck that everyone wants

From the comfort of the bed, the driver can control the air conditioning, ventilation and locking of the vehicle thanks to the panel mounted on the wall. Fortunately, there are plenty of USB ports on the walls, and there is an auto-socket. Under the hood is a D13 engine with different power ratings. The most powerful tractor variant will be the Cummins X15 engine with a performance of 572 hp. The only downside is that this fantastic machine isn‘t for Europe. Only the Americans can enjoy the hotel on the wheels. However, this may be changed over time.

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