Mandatory contractual insurance is foundation, but that doesn’t pay you everything. This is why is convenient to think about supplementary insurance. Fortunately we live in time, where you don’t have to pay for expensive insurance, that you will never use. Quite the reverse. You can pick up the insurance which you want.

Short-term for short

What is short-term insurance? Well, as we know from the name, it is intended for a short time. It depends on insurance company, but in some of these companies it is around one month. You ask why short-term rather than year-long? The answer is simple. You save. Imagine that you are a less experienced driver and you rarely drive. In that case will be enough for you to have mandatory contractual insurance and some supplementary insurance. But if you decide to go on holiday in the summer or drive in winter, then the short-term insurance is just the job. You will take the insurance as you want and only for a certain period. So why pay for months, which you will not drive? This way you can choose insurance, for example for your holiday, and also re-insure you against vandalism, natural disasters or wild animals. Also useful is insurance against fire, explosion, road damage or damage of cables, hoses and isolation by rodent.

Risk winter

The most difficult are winter months. It is best time for supplementary short-term insurance. The risk of damage caused by snow, ice, high animals or by foreign cause is high. Everywhere is slippery, an results of this is an increase of minor accidents and damage events. And if you belong to the drivers who use the car especially in winter, you will ask yourself, why pay unnecessary expensive year-long supplementary insurance? You can have a short-term emergency insurance from 25 pounds per month. You will ensure supplementary insurance in only risk months and you will save. Why to pay for garage unnecessarily when you don’t drive with the car? Pay for insurance only when you really need it.

Broken paint…

If someone breaks a paint on the door or fender, the damage is covered by the compulsory insurance of the vehicle that has caused you damage. And no matter who was driving the vehicle. It is important to reach the offender or at least know, who he is. For the identification is good to know at least his or her licence numer. According to that, you will find out in which insurance company the car is insured. A central register on the web allows to find an insurance company through the licence number of the vehicle. And the last thing: in such a damaging event, never forget to call the police.

Who is the offender?

If the culprit don’t come to prove his identity after an accident, you can still find him or her. And the registration number is enough. Do you know, how to find out an owner of a car through licence number? Of course, you can’t find it by yourself. The police register isn’t available for public, for obvious reasons. However, you can still claim the damage caused by the compulsory insurance of offender. You just have to know his licence number. As we already mentioned, you can find his insurance company in the register on the web. But only police can find a culprit through licence number. This is why is important to call the police immediately after an incident. The police has access to all registered vehicles in England. They can detect through the transmitter or terminal not only the name or address of the home, but also the telephone contact. Ideal is to provide to police contacts of witnesses. The police can complete their testimony for record of city or industrial cameras, from the place of an accident.

Turn to the insurance company

The other way, how to find a culprit through licence number is to go to insurance company where is insured the vehicle of the culprit. That is what you can find on the web. It is necessary to inform about the damage in the insurance company of culprit with licence number and other data. Get them know that event is investigated by police. If you follow these steps and the police clearly identify the culprit, your chance to get the compensation is high.

What to do if the culprit is unknown?

If case that the culprit is unknown or uninsured and you have the police record, you don’t have to pay damages by yourself. The CPA is compulsory to pay you damage from a reserve fund in case of unknown offender. This also applies on the people who don’t have an insurance to their car. The CPA reclaim their money back from these people, because they don’t accomplish their lawful obligation- contract mandatory contractual insurance of their vehicle.

Vehicle accident from abroad …

If the car with foreign vehicle licence number wreck my car, the situation is slightly more complicated. Through vehicle licence number you can’t find an owner of the vehicle nor his insurance company. You need this information if you want to claim damages, because each insurance company has a so-called liquidation representative for England. Applies the same rule as in England: call the police and have a record of an accident with introduction of a foreign vehicle licence number. Then ask the CPA for assistance with finding the accident offender. With this information, you can then contact a specific liquidation agent with a claim for damages.