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Verified advices for ideal moving PART ll

Ideal moving to somewhere new brings joy but also a lot of worries. Things get complicated, new problems start to occur and time is running very fast. We bring you some of good tips in this article, with which moving will be really easy.

Don’t pack trifles!

Moving away doesn’t mean that you have to move away everything you have in your house. Remember, how many times you want to separate everything and throw away unnecessary things. Now is the right moment to do that! Just do it. You certainly won’t need trifles in your new house of love. You will save on costs but you will also make someone happy. For example by donating clothes that you don‘t carry anymore.

Bonus survival suitcase!

Not only packing is demanding but unpacking as well. If you properly pack everything, you should’t have problems with that. Anyway, you can’t unpack all your stuff, this is why is necessary to have “bonus survival suitcase“ in which you’ll have everything you need to survive the first days and nights in your new home. Nothing complicated, just pack your suitcase like you are going away for a weekend.

Mark up!

Everything thoroughly sorted? Great, but it isn’t enough. You have to mark up every box. You will be better orientated in that big stack of boxes but also you will save your precious time. You will find everything really quickly and mainly you will be careful during the manipulation with boxes and you will avoid of breaking down your fragile things. As it’s known, there is never enough of caution.

Be careful!

Not only uselessness but also, for example, various dangerous substances, chemicals, flammable substances, shouldn’t be transported. This kind of dangerous substances doesn’t belong to the car. You don’t even know how but it can cause disaster. Avoid this not only in your interest!

Verified advice for ideal house moving

House moving to somewhere new brings joy but also a lot of worries. Things get complicated, new problems start to occur and time is running very fast. We bring you some of good tips in this article, with which moving will be really easy.

Have a plan!

Planning is important for our lives and moving is not any exception. Have a sufficient plan in advance is irrecoverable. You should keep on mind, that moving isn’t easy matter and that is why it deserves enough attention. Do packing as you planned will not save only your worries, but also your precious time.

Do not leave everything on the last day!

Do you tend to do things on the last day? Believe or not, it isn’t useful especially when we are talking about the moving. Simply you need enough time to pack all your things but one day won’t be enough. If you pack a little bit earlier, you will gain more time to check everything again and you will also avoid stress that comes when you do things on the last minute.

Use foil!

During the house moving isn’t enough just to throw your things to the boxes. Even packing things to the newspaper isn’t sometimes sufficient, especially for glassy objects. Resolution is just easier than you think. Bubble foils will provide you perfect safety. These foils have high strength and are sufficiently durable and adhesive. They are ideal helpers during packing the electronic.

Separate everything properly!

It will be necessary to find time for proper separation of your things, because you can avoid worthless finding of certain things. As we mentioned above, you can’t throw all your stuff to the boxes. It’s needful to put your things to the boxes as they are in your rooms. You won’t mix the kitchenware with your underwear, will you?

How to move into your new house ?

Let’s just say right now, that moving new house is stressful and demanding at the same time. It’s not an activity which everyone loves. Despite that, sometimes we can’t avoid to move. Whether we want it or not, when it comes, we have to act, either by ourselves or with the help of the pullers.

In this article, you will find a basic questions that you shouldn’t forget about moving and what is the ideal way to move away.

Top 5 important questions about moving, that you mustn’t forget!

  • Do you have everything ready before the removal firm arrives?
  • Did you prepare necessary things to pack and transport?
  • Do you have all your stuff packed right and in boxes with signs?
  • Will the moving van has a place to park?
  • Did you throw away all unnecessary things?

Ideal way to successful transport

One month before the moving
  • Search a professional removal firm and plan with them a cooperation.
  • Throw away all unnecessary things.
3 weeks before the moving
  • Get rid of detergents and various chemicals, sprays, flames, and other dangerous substances to avoid property destruction while shipping.
2 weeks before the moving
  • Inform the post office about the change of your adress.
  • Also don’t forget to inform your providers of television, electricity and gas about the change of your residence, or even about the cancelling their services.
One day before the moving
  • Clean and prepare appliances which you want to transport.
  • Don’t forget about unfreeze, clean and dry you freezer and fridge.
The day of the moving
  • Prepare beds and furniture to transport.
  • At the end, check everything and go through the entire apartment or house with the pullers.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, what can we do for you.