Being a lorry driver isn’t an easy job contrary to what some may think. Besides the long hours and sometimes physically demanding days, moving a huge vehicle through sometimes unbearable traffic can be quite a task especially for those who have to travel through busy cities and towns where there are tons of restrictions and spaces that your lorry just won’t fit into.

Luckily for some more fortunate lorry drivers, they have set routes which they get used to over time and after a few months with know the area like the back of their hand. Unfortunately for others, they will have to head off in a new direction almost every day and not knowing exactly where you can and cannot go due to traffic restrictions, low hanging bridges and narrow alleys. This can quickly become a nightmare, especially since most navigation systems were designed with cars in mind and thus don’t take into account large, abnormally shaped and heavy vehicles.


Navtruck however provides such drivers with a great alternative to getting around without having to worry about backing their lorry up for an eternity, because their GPS sent them down the tiniest road in the city. Not only does this app take into account lorry restricted roads when planning your route, it also avoids any low bridge overpasses with width and height restrictions.

This alone is something which can make life so much easier but some of the other commercial considerations just take this app to the next level. This app not only allows you to input the dimensions of your lorry to ensure that all roads selected are appropriate, it also allows you to change between vehicles of different sizes which have already been inputted automatically. This means that no matter which type of lorry you have to drive around for the day switching is quick and simple.

Smartphone app

There are several other ‘little’ features that also enhance this app just a little more, such as the fact that highways are preferred to smaller roads or that it avoids U-turns at all costs. These of course are apart from conventional navigation system add-ons such as live traffic and weather updates or points of interest- although the points of interest are custom designed for lorry users such as truck stops or weigh stations or rest areas.

This app is available on IPhone platforms through IOS and can easily be downloaded and installed. There are of course customised extras which can also be purchased with this app such as special features including alerts for mixer which optimised safety when transporting a mixer.

It goes without saying that just like most IPhone apps worth mentioning, you have a wide selection of languages, the app can be used while on phone calls or while other apps are also being used. All in all a great app for any lorry driver, making life just that much easier and working that much safer.