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International Driving – What Documents Do You Need?

When embarking on a journey abroad, it is common to find some folks going for the option of renting vehicles. This highlights some of the most exhilarating feelings during travelling, whereby you have the freedom of hopping into a car and driving to a destination of your choice. However, driving in foreign countries is not as straightforward as it is made to sound.

There are some documents that you require to show that you are legally allowed to travel in these countries. This article gives a great insight into some of the documents that you should ensure you have within your reach so as to ensure that you are within the confines of the law when driving abroad.

International Driving Permits

One of the essential documents that you need to have with you in order to be on the safe side when driving a vehicle abroad is the International Driving Permit (IDP). In regard to this, the question of what an IDP is could quite easily crop up. So what really is an International Driving Permit?

The International Driving Permit (IDP), which can also be referred to as the International Driving License, refers to a type of document that allows you to drive a vehicle legally while abroad. It is important to note that this license is used in conjunction with your home country’s valid driver’s license. The IDP is not meant for replacing the driver’s license issued in your home country. Instead, it is used as some form of language translator of the validity of your driving license. Some of the features that it packs include; your name and relevant information regarding you as a driver.


For you to drive in foreign countries without having to keep looking over your shoulder, you should always ensure that you have a valid passport with you. In addition to this, always ensure that you’ve checked the passport’s expiry date as well as the rules of entry of all the countries that fall within the route you will be using to travel. This is because some countries require you to have a certain amount of time left in your passport before it is declared to be expired. A good example is a country like Turkey whereby you need a minimum of 6 months to the expiry date of your passport for you to be allowed entry.


Visas are among the essential documents that you can have when it comes to international travelling. The use of a visa is not only restricted to boarding a plane to foreign countries, on the contrary, it can be applied in a number of many other scenarios such as international driving. If you have a passport from the UK or even a member country of the EU, you do not require a visa to drive in EU member countries. However, in the event that you are travelling to countries out of the EU, then ensure that you have your Visa with you.


International driving is one of the most exciting activities that one can take to when visiting a foreign country. However, there are some things that one must take into consideration before embarking on driving in foreign countries. These range from learning the specific traffic rules of that particular country to abiding by the regulations that govern drivers in that country. Having the correct documents to allow you to validly drive abroad is an essential hurdle one must jump. So, next time you’re planning on driving through foreign countries, make sure you have these required documents!

How to move into your new house ?

Let’s just say right now, that moving new house is stressful and demanding at the same time. It’s not an activity which everyone loves. Despite that, sometimes we can’t avoid to move. Whether we want it or not, when it comes, we have to act, either by ourselves or with the help of the pullers.

In this article, you will find a basic questions that you shouldn’t forget about moving and what is the ideal way to move away.

Top 5 important questions about moving, that you mustn’t forget!

  • Do you have everything ready before the removal firm arrives?
  • Did you prepare necessary things to pack and transport?
  • Do you have all your stuff packed right and in boxes with signs?
  • Will the moving van has a place to park?
  • Did you throw away all unnecessary things?

Ideal way to successful transport

One month before the moving
  • Search a professional removal firm and plan with them a cooperation.
  • Throw away all unnecessary things.
3 weeks before the moving
  • Get rid of detergents and various chemicals, sprays, flames, and other dangerous substances to avoid property destruction while shipping.
2 weeks before the moving
  • Inform the post office about the change of your adress.
  • Also don’t forget to inform your providers of television, electricity and gas about the change of your residence, or even about the cancelling their services.
One day before the moving
  • Clean and prepare appliances which you want to transport.
  • Don’t forget about unfreeze, clean and dry you freezer and fridge.
The day of the moving
  • Prepare beds and furniture to transport.
  • At the end, check everything and go through the entire apartment or house with the pullers.
5 dangerous roads that you can’t easily pass

You drive a few thousand kilometers for a year and you think, that you are drive master. In that case you have never had the opportunity to go through the most dangerous roads, where everything has to be 100%. Otherwise, you don‘t have to return. So if you are interested in dusty roads, endless serpentines, huge crashes, and over 1 000 kilometers, keep reading and learn more.

Endless twists in Tianmen

Do you like to ride on serpentines and enjoy every twist? In that case here is something for you. Of course only when you like risk and adrenaline. In Tiamen, China, there is a road with unbelievable 99 twists and is 11 kilometers long. The road is through Tiamen National Park and is still rising. Do not expect plane or rally here.

To Sanghaj through the tunnel

Probably the most famous tunnel on the world. First sight might be quite untraditional, but this tunnel is not like ours. And that’s true. The tunnel is 1.2 kilometers long, but only 4 meters wide. To go through the Guoliang tunnel requires drive experiences of Shaolin monk. As the local people say- only small mistake can cause a great problem.

Dangerous Rohtang

Rohtang is 4,000 meters above the sea level. If you belong among the fans and the fear of the height doesn‘t make the problem, then you can go through this famous road. But only from May to November. The other months of the year is this road closed. The pass through this road is so dangerous, that the Indian goverment decided to build a tunnel which is almost 9 kilometre long as an safer alternative. Adventurers, who like adrenaline know, which road to go through.

Cruise through France?

If you carry an inflatable boat or your car can be tansformed into a ship, then you can go on this journey. If you come here in a bad weather and is also a high-tide, you can end up under the sea. Interesting, isn’t it? You can find this plase in France, on the atlancit coast. The road is completely flooded twice a day, and if it is not underwater, the roadway is really slippery, so you have to be really careful.

The path in which you really don’t want to fall out

You may be pleased by message that you don’t make this road anymore,because there is a safer alternative since 90s, but before you just couldn’t avoid this road. And then it was the most dangerous road in the world. Today you will find there only adventurers who aren’t afraid of danger. The road is more than 4650 meters high, and it waves so much, that if you have problems with dizziness you definitely shouldn’t go there.

So, did we inspire you for a new adventure? In that case, be careful, because passages through these paths require really advanced driving skills.

How to choose a shipping company

You will find on the internet several companies offering goods transport right now. However, not all of them are as serious as they might seem at first. So what if you need to transport animals or other goods? So how do you choose the right shipping company?


Before you start to look for a suitable shipper for you and your business, think about what you will from a particular seller. Whether it’s a one-time shipment of package, furniture e.c., or you own a business where you need a capable shipper, who will be able to handle even more risky transports. For example transport of animals, cars, different machines and so on. This is why you should think ahead, what do you need and identify your requirements. Searching for a shipping company will then be easier.

Technologies are the future

When choosing a shipper, you should take into account his technological excellence. Communication via SMS is not “IN“ anymore. Nowadays the most using technologies are GPS, Track & Trace or international dispatching. We could say that these tweaks are these days a standard. However, there are a lot of companies that are using an older ways to communicate. We should avoid companies like that. Even if they are more cheaper, you will appreciate a great communication and similar services in risky situations.

The price

The whole world is rolling around money. It’s not surprising, that the price of the individual shippers is the most important factor in making decisions. Everyone wants to save, but prices of shippers are sometimes markedly different. However, it’s common that with low price also comes low quality of services. But you can always find verified shippers with a reasonable price which won’t rouin you.


If you are looking for a transport of animals or of something bigger, you should’t be interested only in the price but mainly in experiences and  portfolio of the shipper. The transport of animals requires responsible and well-secured shipper. Either you want to transport your pet or transport of farm animals, you will certainly appreciate responsibility and willingness. The same applies on car shipping and whatever bigger and more risky cargo. We can find on the market a lot of shippers with years of experiences and with rich portfolio of services. This is why we should involve this aspect when choosing.


As it is known, the best advertisement is that, which is doing by itsef- via satisfied customers. It is also important to notice them. If the shipping company is really good, you will find a lot of positive ratings and reviews of satisfied customers. You shouldn’t take seriously all of the ratings, but it’s always better when the shipper is verified by customers. Don’t forget about this fact, that could help you to choose the right shipper.

So where you can find appropriate shipper?

The question is, where you can find a suitable shipper. You can try to use google and surf on the internet. But if you don’t have enought time to make decisions, you can certainly use specialized website services such as, which brings together shipping companies. All you have to do is just register, fill in a short application and just choose from the list of shippers that suits you the most. Simple and quick. Just choose a shipping company and everything will be take care of.

Technology You Couldn’t Live Without On The Road

It’s not uncommon for people to have a favourite set of tools and must-have-gadgets that they have come to grow fond of to an extent of not living without them. In all our different aspects of life such as while working out, or even in our studies, there are some pieces of technology that fit this description. Life on the road is no different and it also has some heavy dependence on technology. This article will take a look at some of the pieces of technology that you couldn`t live without on the road.

Satellite Navigation Systems

Some of the inventions that we can’t live without on the road are satellite navigation systems. They help us out in finding directions to new places and give us the shortest options for getting to our destinations among many other functions. In fact, according to a car dealer by the name of Motorpoint, a poll done on more than 2700 drivers helped cement this truth. They found that 14% of these drivers admitted to not having any idea of the locations that they were headed to if their cars didn’t have satellite navigation systems.

It is also important to note that these Satellite navigation systems could also come with their downsides. One of the main problems is the misdirections that the Satellite navigation systems give drivers on few occasions. This calls for drivers to ensure that they have their maps close by just in case something of the sort happened. However, this takes place on very few occasions and is just one of the risks that you will be more than happy to take as long as you have a Sat Nav in your car.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are one of the essential pieces of technology that you cannot live without on the road. They are useful to drivers especially due to their ability to allow them to remain in touch with colleagues, family and friends throughout their time on the road. In the event that there is poor weather or even road closures that could lead to delays, drivers and passengers alike that are on the road could ensure that all the relevant people remain informed.

Smartphones, especially, are the most useful types that you couldn’t live without on the road. This is because, in addition to the functions that have been highlighted above, they come with the added advantage of connecting to the internet. With this feature in place, they can assist in satellite navigations for people on the road and also help in accessing emails and web content.

Audio Equipment

If there is one thing that most people treasure while on the road is music. This is because it helps in making both passengers and the driver’s journey to come off as more exciting by taking the monotony of the whole experience. This makes some of the technology that you couldn’t live without on the road be music players. Some people rely on the old types of radios that used CDs, while others have embraced new music playing technology that has inbuilt storage and connectivity to other devices via Bluetooth, and even to the internet allowing you to stream media!


There are a variety of sectors in the world we live in today whose functionality is being taken over by technology. When this is mentioned, most minds race to reflect on the operations that are totally dependent technology such as running of industries as well the IT world. However, it is possible that even the simplest of activities such as being on the road has a lot to owe to technology. In the future, we should expect to see technology at play even more!

Top Tips for Employing New Drivers

Often times, you find that in all their operations and jobs, the drivers that are hired for self-use or even for one’s company end up representing you or your company. This means that all the things that these drivers do around and in the vehicles that belong to you, end up reflecting back on you. Legally speaking, it is not strange to find actions or events that have been propagated by any of your employees while inside your vehicle winding up being costly in case things turn out sour.

Drivers form the majority of employees that are entrusted with one’s vehicle. This calls to attention the need for employers to give the recruitment of drivers the seriousness it deserves.

Below are some of the best ways to recruit drivers:

Have a Current Driver Interview The Potential Driver

In case there is no one in your Human Resources section that has worked as a professional driver, then you need to ask a member of the transport department to be added to the interview panel. As much as this could be sounding unusual on many levels, it is one of the best ways to employing drivers.

In the interview process, you should allow the experienced driver that you have chosen to be active during the evaluation of the potential driver. You should ensure that you’ve schooled the current driver beforehand on the proper things that should be asked as well as those that are unacceptable.

Your Human Resource members could be undoubtedly vastly equipped with individuals with outstanding knowledge about the whole recruiting process. However, when it comes to some areas such as how to recruit skilled labour, people who are in that particular field could be of much help. Driving is one of such types of areas and the experienced driver you bring on board will shower the recruiting process with knowledge that can only be acquired via professional driving. This driver could as the potential candidate’s job specific questions and gauge if they have the basic skills that could be nurtured into forging a professional driver for you.

Have a Practical Skills Interview

Another method that is highly effective as a way of recruiting drivers is giving them interviews that test their practical skills. This could be administered during their second interview and should be used to acquire first-hand insight into the potential driver’s basic skills. You should check on aspects such as if the driver can accelerate through gears with little effort and if they can comfortably back up. In addition to these, it is also important to find out whether the driver-to-be can unhook and hook a trailer with no issue, and also if they can hook up airlines.

Run The Driver’s CSA Profile

The minute you are in a legal position to run the CSA profile of the potential driver, you should go ahead and do so. This should follow running a motor vehicle report which with no doubt you have run on all your new and potential drivers. The MVR is however not enough, hence the insistence on running the CSA profile once you have the legal permission of doing so. It will assist you in fleshing out and rejecting drivers that have a knack for causing accidents, getting countless tickets and any other incidents that are related to unsafe driving.


The process of recruiting new drivers is not exactly straight-forward as compared to other types of jobs. This is because drivers are among the most important organs in the transportation body and hiring an ailing organ could be tantamount to causing death to your transportation company.

This is because there is a vast array of downsides that are attached to bad driving with loss of valuable goods and even loss of life being among them. This goes ahead to cement the importance of having good drivers at your service.

Why you get what you pay for when it comes to removal companies

Cheaper is not better

The urge to save a bit of money and shave a few corners can be a temptation that is hard to refuse when it’s time to move to a new house. This impulse must be resisted because as the old saying goes – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The same goes for choosing a removal companies and the more that is invested in the short term will usually ensure a stress-free move and won’t land you with any nasty surprises along the way.

Below I will outline the potential traps you could be setting for yourself by taking the cheap option and perhaps, give you something to think about when it comes time to pick the right removal business to care for your possessions.

Things to look for when choosing your next removal company

Let’s talk about insurance – Working with a moving company who advertises incredibly low rates will most likely either little or no insurance which increases the risk of damage or theft. A competitively priced company will offer All risk insurance which does slightly increase the end price but you can relax in the knowledge that all of your items are covered.

Experience is everything…not just a bit of muscle – When it comes to bargain movers, you can bet that they shout about how strong and robust their movers are. This won’t make up for qualified experience of a specialist removal business and you can usually tell straight away who you are dealing with. Look for a company who invests in training and can handle delicate and “off the beaten path” items like pianos and antiques.

Quality movers or just a set of wheels – There more than enough cowboy outfits around that offer transportation services but offer very little in the way of reliable and professional removal companies. The outfits that will promise the world at a fraction of the cost of other companies is to be avoided like the plague.

Previous customer feedback

Previous Customer Referrals – This is a great way of verifying that the company can handle any job and is up to the task of looking after your goods. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool and there is no better source of information then from the people who have received this service before. Budget movers will most likely not have a sound pool of previous customer referrals and should be given a wide birth.

Lack of online presence – Budget movers will often not have a solid online presence due to not investing in the infrastructure. A lot of one-man bands will skip making a website and not have any presence either on Facebook or other social media sites. Look for a company who has a good website with information on the services they provide and the good ones will also have a presence online.

Keep these points in mind when it comes time to choose your next removal company and with a little bit of leg work, you will be able to find a reasonably priced company you can trust.


Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, what can we do for you.