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Lorry driver and satnav technology

Being a lorry driver isn’t an easy job contrary to what some may think. Besides the long hours and sometimes physically demanding days, moving a huge vehicle through sometimes unbearable traffic can be quite a task especially for those who have to travel through busy cities and towns where there are tons of restrictions and spaces that your lorry just won’t fit into.

Luckily for some more fortunate lorry drivers, they have set routes which they get used to over time and after a few months with know the area like the back of their hand. Unfortunately for others, they will have to head off in a new direction almost every day and not knowing exactly where you can and cannot go due to traffic restrictions, low hanging bridges and narrow alleys. This can quickly become a nightmare, especially since most navigation systems were designed with cars in mind and thus don’t take into account large, abnormally shaped and heavy vehicles.


Navtruck however provides such drivers with a great alternative to getting around without having to worry about backing their lorry up for an eternity, because their GPS sent them down the tiniest road in the city. Not only does this app take into account lorry restricted roads when planning your route, it also avoids any low bridge overpasses with width and height restrictions.

This alone is something which can make life so much easier but some of the other commercial considerations just take this app to the next level. This app not only allows you to input the dimensions of your lorry to ensure that all roads selected are appropriate, it also allows you to change between vehicles of different sizes which have already been inputted automatically. This means that no matter which type of lorry you have to drive around for the day switching is quick and simple.

Smartphone app

There are several other ‘little’ features that also enhance this app just a little more, such as the fact that highways are preferred to smaller roads or that it avoids U-turns at all costs. These of course are apart from conventional navigation system add-ons such as live traffic and weather updates or points of interest- although the points of interest are custom designed for lorry users such as truck stops or weigh stations or rest areas.

This app is available on IPhone platforms through IOS and can easily be downloaded and installed. There are of course customised extras which can also be purchased with this app such as special features including alerts for mixer which optimised safety when transporting a mixer.

It goes without saying that just like most IPhone apps worth mentioning, you have a wide selection of languages, the app can be used while on phone calls or while other apps are also being used. All in all a great app for any lorry driver, making life just that much easier and working that much safer.

How to safely move glassy and fragile things?

When you are moving, you definitely come into contact with fragile and glass things.  It could be plates, vases, mirrors, glasses, statues. All of this things are easy to breake. They require a lot of attention not only when you are packing them, but also when you transport them from one place to another. We are bringing you a few tipes in this article, which will help you to transport even fragile things with easiness.

BOXES – Choice of boxes in which you transport things is really important. Boxes should be big enough, even a little bit bigger than things you put into them. Mainly during the transporting you have to close your box well so that it doesn’t fall out of it and doesn’t break.

TAPES – Use extra tapes on each box. You will ensure your boxes enough, and even if something break, it will remain into the box.

FOILS – Bubble foils provide great protection to fragile and glassy things! They are affortable and you can buy them anywhere. Thing packed into bubble foil is highly protected!

NEWSPAPER – If you don’t have a bubble foil you can also use the newspaper as a protection. It can’t protect your thing as bubble foil but always better than nothing. You can also use newspaper tu fill the space between things or its individual walls.

CORNERS – The box should be ensured enought not only from outside but also from inside. As a protection you can cut a piece of carton and secure corners in your box.

SIGN – To sign your boxes will considerably help you to transport. It will help you to know what is in each box. You will make sure, that you will be more careful with the boxes with sign, for example, mirrors.


Verified advices for ideal moving PART ll

Ideal moving to somewhere new brings joy but also a lot of worries. Things get complicated, new problems start to occur and time is running very fast. We bring you some of good tips in this article, with which moving will be really easy.

Don’t pack trifles!

Moving away doesn’t mean that you have to move away everything you have in your house. Remember, how many times you want to separate everything and throw away unnecessary things. Now is the right moment to do that! Just do it. You certainly won’t need trifles in your new house of love. You will save on costs but you will also make someone happy. For example by donating clothes that you don‘t carry anymore.

Bonus survival suitcase!

Not only packing is demanding but unpacking as well. If you properly pack everything, you should’t have problems with that. Anyway, you can’t unpack all your stuff, this is why is necessary to have “bonus survival suitcase“ in which you’ll have everything you need to survive the first days and nights in your new home. Nothing complicated, just pack your suitcase like you are going away for a weekend.

Mark up!

Everything thoroughly sorted? Great, but it isn’t enough. You have to mark up every box. You will be better orientated in that big stack of boxes but also you will save your precious time. You will find everything really quickly and mainly you will be careful during the manipulation with boxes and you will avoid of breaking down your fragile things. As it’s known, there is never enough of caution.

Be careful!

Not only uselessness but also, for example, various dangerous substances, chemicals, flammable substances, shouldn’t be transported. This kind of dangerous substances doesn’t belong to the car. You don’t even know how but it can cause disaster. Avoid this not only in your interest!

Verified advice for ideal house moving

House moving to somewhere new brings joy but also a lot of worries. Things get complicated, new problems start to occur and time is running very fast. We bring you some of good tips in this article, with which moving will be really easy.

Have a plan!

Planning is important for our lives and moving is not any exception. Have a sufficient plan in advance is irrecoverable. You should keep on mind, that moving isn’t easy matter and that is why it deserves enough attention. Do packing as you planned will not save only your worries, but also your precious time.

Do not leave everything on the last day!

Do you tend to do things on the last day? Believe or not, it isn’t useful especially when we are talking about the moving. Simply you need enough time to pack all your things but one day won’t be enough. If you pack a little bit earlier, you will gain more time to check everything again and you will also avoid stress that comes when you do things on the last minute.

Use foil!

During the house moving isn’t enough just to throw your things to the boxes. Even packing things to the newspaper isn’t sometimes sufficient, especially for glassy objects. Resolution is just easier than you think. Bubble foils will provide you perfect safety. These foils have high strength and are sufficiently durable and adhesive. They are ideal helpers during packing the electronic.

Separate everything properly!

It will be necessary to find time for proper separation of your things, because you can avoid worthless finding of certain things. As we mentioned above, you can’t throw all your stuff to the boxes. It’s needful to put your things to the boxes as they are in your rooms. You won’t mix the kitchenware with your underwear, will you?

The best engines of 2017

Like every year, also in this year was the 19th year of prestigious inquiry Engine of the year, in which  Ferrari took the gold. But it isn’t any surprise because they took the price of the best engine last year too. However, other known names scrapped because of front places, and hybrid engines from BMW and Honda mixed up with cards. Vice-versa, you nearly can’t find diesel engines in results.

Jury, which judge the engines was consisted of 58 journalists of all the world. And the trend is clear. While in the past the front bars have been rolling down economical diesels, followed by hybrids and then small-volume turbocharged aggregates, now engines come to the foreground, which are only for the chosen ones. This is especially true of the main category where the powerful, supercharged 3.9-liter 8-cylinder from the sinful precious Ferrari 488 GTB has been placed for the second time.

It is not for everyone

As we have mentioned above, dominant attenuation of diesel engines have caused growth of expensive and strong engines, like in 488. Ferrari’s overcrowded engine was once again crowned with success. The Maranella carmaker confirmed it as the first milestone in the sports engine class of the year and also in its volume category from three to four liters. So the springing stallion has a hetrik. He added gold even in the “New Motor of the Year” class last year, but he couldn’t have been here this time. On the other side we can also find the engine, which scored last year. And again from the most exclusive class – SuperSports class. It is a flat, supercharged, three-liter 6-cylinder Porsche 911 with variable turbocharger geometry. We can even certainly say, that he improved his position. So the Porche Turbo doesn’t hurt either.

The Tricycle was closed by a hybrid sports car from Munich’s BMW brand called i8. His hybrid engine was placed just behind the Porsche 911 with a total of 151 points. However, against Ferrari’s winning engine, it loses up to 100 points. This lead points up to dominance of overcrowded Italian engines.

In the top ten was Audi engines, specifically the 2.5-liter 5-cylinder, Ford EcoBoost engine from Ford, which can be found in the new Ford Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo models. On the 6th place was an electric motor from a well known company Tesla, under the guidance of visionary Elon Muska, and immediately followed by a French 1.2 liter PSA Peugeot – Citroen.

Ecology was also important

You can’t easy find these ecological cars for low prices. “The green engine of the year” class was taken by Model S of Tesla, before the plug-in Hybrid SuperSport BMW i8 and the clean electric car Chevrolet Bolt. A pair of engines from BMW, specifically the electric and hybrid engine from the model series i3, obtained around 80 points. There was no shame nor for Volvo, and for their hybrid 2-liter engine, which also drives the XC90 or V90 models. Tesla still wins, and the fact is, that point difference between Tesla and Volvo is 142 points. And this feature just confirm the dominance of Tesla.

New engine of the year

Strong engines also dominated the most exciting class, such as the “New Engine of the Year”. Here is hybrid the winner, but in combination with the 3.5-liter 6-cylinder and three electric engines for the amazing Honda NSX coupe. The new 4-cylinder diesel 220d in the Mercedese-Benz E class at least in any case defends the middle class. It ended up among the news on the second bar. By the way, this is the only diesel engine in statistics. You can’t find others. And the third is again honest 6-cylinder 2.9 bi-turbo for the sharp Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde.

Totally top engines

Even in the “Sports Motor of the Year” class, we have no chance of finding anything popular. Here reigns the Ferrari 488 GTB and behind it the atmospheric 8-cylinder 4.0 V8 for sharp versions of Porsche 911 GTR, GT3 RS and R. Now you are asking, what is here for “basic” people? So we can find the answer to this question among the winners of smaller volume classes. But most of them are old well-known. In a one-liter class the gold is for 1.0 EcoBoost 3-cylinder from Ford and the 1.4-liter 3-cylinder 1.2-liter PureTech from PSA.

One level higher, among the engines with capacity between 1.4 and 1.8 liters, was again rewarded the premium brand – BMW with its 1.5-liter 3-cylinder coupled with an electric motor in superSports8. However, the most people should for this one at least 30 years. In our chart wasn’t mentioned the name of favorite German brand- Volkswagen. Fotŕ this brand only the eyes were crying because the new 4-cylinder 1.5 TSI did not move to more than fourth place. But is at last praiseworthy. At least they have something to improve to the next year’s Engine of the Year, where he will attack the hetrik a red horse from Italy.

How to move into your new house ?

Let’s just say right now, that moving new house is stressful and demanding at the same time. It’s not an activity which everyone loves. Despite that, sometimes we can’t avoid to move. Whether we want it or not, when it comes, we have to act, either by ourselves or with the help of the pullers.

In this article, you will find a basic questions that you shouldn’t forget about moving and what is the ideal way to move away.

Top 5 important questions about moving, that you mustn’t forget!

  • Do you have everything ready before the removal firm arrives?
  • Did you prepare necessary things to pack and transport?
  • Do you have all your stuff packed right and in boxes with signs?
  • Will the moving van has a place to park?
  • Did you throw away all unnecessary things?

Ideal way to successful transport

One month before the moving
  • Search a professional removal firm and plan with them a cooperation.
  • Throw away all unnecessary things.
3 weeks before the moving
  • Get rid of detergents and various chemicals, sprays, flames, and other dangerous substances to avoid property destruction while shipping.
2 weeks before the moving
  • Inform the post office about the change of your adress.
  • Also don’t forget to inform your providers of television, electricity and gas about the change of your residence, or even about the cancelling their services.
One day before the moving
  • Clean and prepare appliances which you want to transport.
  • Don’t forget about unfreeze, clean and dry you freezer and fridge.
The day of the moving
  • Prepare beds and furniture to transport.
  • At the end, check everything and go through the entire apartment or house with the pullers.
Top ways how to move away

And again about moving. We can write about everything but moving is a theme that is endless. In this article we are going to talk about how to move away. If you don’t know what to do, don’t worry and read the following article which certainly help you to be more confident about moving.

Do it by yourself

This form of moving is best for those, who like to do everything by themselves. By everything we mean packaging, choosing the right car, loading things, taking them into your new home and unpackaging them. This kind of moving is really beneficial but everything is on your should

Call removal firm

Much better way is to ensure complete removal firm. This is the ideal way when you want to transport a lot of things. The way how it is working is, that good removal service will take care of your stuff, they will pack your things and furniture so they will not be damaged and then successfully and safely convey to your destination. This kind of transportation is time, physically and psychically really great for you. It’s true, that this is the most expensive way to transport, but it will help you to save your time and nerves.


Not only clothes and furniture can be combinated, transporting too. This is in case when you have a lot of time and there is no problem to pack your stuff and furniture. This is an effective way to transport, when everything is packed by you and the removal service will take care about the rest. You will avoid loading, transporting and unloading your things.

Choice is up to you…

Did you choose? Whatever you decide to do, it will definitely go well. Main is to keep  calm and don’t stress. There is no ideal way to transport. It depends on you, how much time do you have and last but not least, financials.

Moving to the abroad

Moving abroad is demanding by itself. It takes a lot of time and energy as well. To avoid stress situations  and distress, choose removal services which offer quality and complete security for removal services. This services are especially useful when you are moving abroad. This type of moving is demanding because of kilometers and if you don’t take advantage of professional services it will be really pitty. Make it easier.

In this article you will find out how to move abroad, but also why you should use the services of a professional removal service.

How is the process for moving abroad?

  • First of all, is best to plan the transportation with a professional removal company.
  • The second step is about things you want to transport.
  • After successful removal and packaging comes putting your stuff into the removal van.
  • The next step is transport abroad.
  • Eventually, the last step is unloading things, unpacking them, and placing them in a convenient place.

Why is good to use professional  services?

  • Who is better to trust about your stuff then professionals, who have a high liability insurance for the damage caused by the removal?
  • Moving takes a lot of your precious time. Don’t waste your time and give a chance to those, who take care about every minute of your time.
  • If you leave everything on professionals, they will take care of all the necessary things for you.
  • Additional services. Do you need anything extra? Don’t you have enough time to pack your things? Never mind, the resolution is additional services that will make it for you even more easier.
  • Quality services. Many removal companies offer quality services that you can rely on.
Keep calm during the moving

Removal House is demanding by itself. It exhaust us physically and psychically too. It isn’t activity which we want to do every day. Just because of this reason we bring you 5 main tips how to survive moving without any problems.


Rest isn’t important only after working, but also after every demanding activity. Moving isn’t exception. Definitely don’t forget about yourself and your rest rituals, whatever they are. The boxes can wait and you are not going to feel like some machine.


You certainly heard. That before you explode you should really breathe and count to ten. You probably won’t avoid conflict situation during the moving. Still, something it can easily break, damage, lose, or anything else.  Don’t worry. Breathe, count to ten and you will see that it will be much easier.

Don’t forget to drink and eat

Drinking is important during every physical activity. More physical  activity, more lost liquids from your body that is necessary to refill. Eating is important too. If you don’t give your body what needs, you will feel it.

Have enough sleep.

Without work isn’t cakes and without sleep isn’t work. If you lack sleep, you definitely won’t feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You will get up early, but you will work like snail and you will fall asleep earlier than you wanted.

Call your friends, family or shippers to help you

If you like to have a lot of people around you, don’t be afraid to call your family and friends. Ask them for a help and you will see that the work will become much more easier. You won’t notice and everything will be packed. Definitely you have to order good removal service which will take care of the rest.

How to move wisely? Useful tips for carefree moving.

You have to move away but you are concerned? Inspire yourself by our advice how to move reasonably and mainly without stress. To have everything under control.

Have a plan

Plan everything thoroughly about the moving in time. Plan every step of moving, whether it’s a room, a flat or an office, all you have to do is plan. And in advance you should also think of the removal service. Order them in good time to avoid of occupied term. Especially the last weekend before the end of the month isn‘t often free.

It has a reason. This is when the lease is over. Removal company will be available on request for a visit and give you an approximate cost of transportation. They will plan the necessary staff, a suitable truck, the number of ways and the order in which things will be taken. The information about on which floor do you live, if the lift is available, size and capacity of the lift and also dimensions of staircase are really important. Because details often take decisions during the moving.


You shouldn’t forget about possibly permissions. For example, parking next to the entrance isn’t always matter of course. If the entrance is forbidden for trucks, it is necessary to arrange a permission from the city office. Before the transportation check the staircase. Although is‘s common space, the neighbors can store unnecessary things or have flowers to preserve, and so on. If you moving the whole apartment, you should also remind it of other tenants of the apartment or panel building. In order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Which removal company to choose

Fortunately, thanks to us and our portal, you don‘t have to spend hours on the computer and look for the right company on the Internet. Just register on our website, fill in the order and wait. Then you just have to choose the right shipper or removal company and it is done. The difference between larger and renowned companies and smaller ones is mainly in the price. Their system is based on a specific amount for a flat that is different from the number of rooms depending on the area, square meters. This price doesn‘t include a shipping charge and a standing charge, as well as various surcharges, such as over payments or staircases if there is no elevator in the house, heavy duty charges and daytime or holiday pay surcharges.

On the other hand, the advantage is, that they have wide fleet and they will send you a car of the right size. From some companies you can buy packaging material or they can even provide you for a charge a space if you don’t have enough. Disadvantage is more expensive transportation and harder estimate for the price, that you will pay.

To the smaller companies you will pay exact amount per hour, regardless of the floor, the possibility of lifts, removal and packaging. Amount of this price is dependent of the number of workers, it also includes standing cars, and in the first hour there is a shipment. Most companies charge after one hour every started half an hour or fifteen minutes. You will pay only for heavy loads or moving over long distances. Many smaller companies don‘t charge surcharges for free days and holidays. So the biggest advantage of this smaller companies is lower price and chance to count an approximate price.

Smaller disadvantage is, that they have limited fleet and during the moving a bigger apartment or house, it may happen that everything won‘t fit in the car at once.

Pack thoroughly…

Don’t forget about thorough packing, to avoid of possible damages. The strong paper boxes with holds on both sides are appropriate for packaging, and you will appreciate it when simply lifting and wearing. Moreover, they are made of high quality multi-layer board with reinforced walls and bottom. Covers from the shops are free, but they don’t have necessary capacity, so ensure the bottom of the box for example by taping, and be careful during the transport that the bottom is not opened or damaged.

Rope up more pieces

If you need to bring for example books, rope them up together before putting into the box. At least 5-7 books. Don‘t forget that book and documents have their weight. Therefore is the best to choose smaller boxes. Not only you and shippers won‘t pick up one large box, but during the transportation can be damaged. Less is more. And this also apply on the moving. Transporting of more lighter boxes is more convenient than effort with one large. You should better take closable boxes, to not to damage things you are transporting during the ride.

Fragile things and textiles

Fragile things thoroughly pack into bubble foil before you put them into the box. If you don’t want to spend your money on it or you don’t have it at home, you can use newspaper as well. It isn’t economically demanding and it will safe glass and fragile things from scratches and possible damage very well.

If you are transporting textiles, use the plastic waste bags. Buy coarser bags and also be careful about overload. Very practical are plastic bags with vacuum suction, which you can use later to store seasonal clothing or feathers. Everything mark thoroughly. It is useful to number your boxes because you can quickly check, if something is missing.

Notify the staff of the removal company by yourself about breakable things and heavy boxes.


Breakable electronics pack into the boxes. Refill and defrost the fridge. Be aware that it can’t be switch on immediately. As a result of transport, the cooling system may not function properly. Secure the washing machine with the screws to prevent damage.

Finally the last advice. Things of personal and everyday needs transport at the end to have them right by your hand after moving. If you think on such things ahead, you will avoid stress and you will move reasonably and without problems.

Ready? Fill in our quotation form and wait for price.


Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, what can we do for you.