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Transport posted workers in Netherlands

As of 1 March 2020 the Dutch government requires all foreign employers and foreign self-employed persons (limited to certain sectors) from other countries within the EEA or Switzerland, to notify of temporary assignment/secondment activities via Meldloket WagwEU. This includes the obligation to report what work will be performed and during what period. In addition, foreign employers will have to report the arrival of any of their posted workers in the Netherlands.


For the transport sector, there are some exceptions to the notification rules. This means that the foreign haulier must report his drivers via an electronic counter if his drivers are going to carry out transports in, to and from the Netherlands. Transit transport is exempted from the notification obligation. The obligation to report also applies to foreign self-employed drivers.

The majority of types of transport are excluded from the duty to notify. Freight transport by road can be notified via a one-year notification.

One-year notification

You can use a one-year notification if you work as an employer abroad or a self-employed person in the freight transport by road sector (General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities within the European Communities group H 49.4). This also applies if you provide services on behalf of a client or company in the Netherlands.

The notification must be filed online before the start of the work in the Netherlands. Foreign employers will have to report the following:

  • the identity of the person submitting the notification
  • the details of their company
  • the contact person
  • the identity of the client in the Netherlands (i.e., the recipient of the services provided by the foreign employer)
  • the sector in which the activities will be carried out in the Netherlands
  • the address/place where the work will be performed
  • the expected duration of the work
  • the identity of the person responsible for payment of salary/wage
  • the identity of the employees coming to the Netherlands to work
  • the presence of an A1 declaration, or other type of evidence that shows where the social security contributions are paid for the employee(s), because of the contribution for the relevant social security scheme

Online portal

The Dutch Ministry of SZW has opened a special website: You will find further information under transport sector and one-year notification. The website is also available in English and German.

Go to the website

  • Click on ‘I have a temporary assignment in the Netherlands’.
  • Click on online reporting:
  • Make sure to select the one-year notification.
  • Instead of place of work, please register the licence plate, you only have to register one licence plate, even though you have more.
  • With one registration, you can register all your drivers.
  • You must register a contact person in the Netherlands. This contact person does not need to speak the Dutch language but must speak English, French or German.

Enforcement and penalties:  

Non-compliance with the obligations created by the WagwEU of the Service Provider (employer or self-employed), the client or other parties falling under the scope of WagwEU, can be sanctionized with penalties.  

The Inspectorate SZW monitors the execution of the WagwEU and the compliance with Dutch labour laws.

If a check by the Inspectorate SZW reveals non-compliance with the WagwEU or Dutch labour laws, penalties may be imposed. The social partners monitor compliance with the provisions in the CAO’s.

If a check of other information or a visit to the workplace reveals that the arrival of the foreign employees has not been properly or timely notified, penalties may be imposed on both the employer and the client.

We trust to have you well informed. However, if you have any further question, please check the FAQs pages on the website: or the contact page:

International Transport Workers Certificate

The French government announced last night that they would be introducing a new certificate ‘Attestation de Deplacement International’ for international transport to France as of 6pm Monday 6th April.
All travellers will be required to present this to confirm that their trip meets the criteria for essential travel – this includes goods carriers and cross border workers amongst others.

New certificate required for international transport in European Union countries. A travel certificate is now required for entry or transit through countries. Each driver entering territory must have the certificate available to present to border control authorities.

Please ensure that your drivers have completed the certificate and ticked the appropriate box required. It is really important that your drivers are fully aware of this requirement.

Download certificate

What to do when your parcel is damaged?

So, you finally mustered up the courage or saved up the cash to order that something indulgent you’ve been eyeing online since forever and even though the website said shipping time was only a few days you knew it was going to take a week or two, but you waited patiently none the less. Then all of a sudden you doorbell rings out of the blue just before you forgot about the parcel and suddenly you exited because it finally arrived!

Most times you get so excited you just sign and run back inside to unfurl you long awaited treasure and to your utter shock and horror, your parcel arrived damaged. This must have happened to everyone at least once in their lifetime- for regular shoppers at least once every couple of months, but what should you do?

Don’t panic!

Well before you start to panic (even though this is still most frustrating either way), this doesn’t mean that all is lost. Most online vendors will gladly refund your money or more likely replace the damaged item at no charge to you. Yes, you will have to wait for the new one to arrive in the post again, but it will come. For these types of situations there will usually be a process to follow, which could either entail calling a customer care centre or e-mailing the company with your complaint. You may have to at this point supply copies of your purchase, fill out a claim form and even sometimes end a picture of the damaged item- mostly companies use this information to track the cause and deal with the delivery service, or branch of their company.

Is parcel insurance worth it?

On the other hand, sometimes parcels sent by friends or relatives can arrive damaged and at this point there’s only one important question to answer. Did you or the sender take out insurance on the parcel?

Well unlike online vendors, postal and parcel services are unlikely to replace the item or refund you for its value, unless it’s a private delivery vendor which provides insurance as a standard feature. However you look at it, these instances where privately sent packages were damaged are usually going to be more of a pain to recoup your losses. As mentioned it is highly possible and if you have taken out insurance it could be a simple process if the insurance provider or customer service branch of the postal service is easy to deal with- not likely but possible.

It is important when claiming damages on privately sent parcels that all criteria are met. This usually refers to commonly excluded items from parcel insurance such as crockery, cameras or monitors. Additionally there may also be specification as to how the parcel should be packaged to be covered but this may vary from one delivery services or insurance provider to another.

The easiest solution is usually just to make sure that you package you parcels as safely as is humanly possible- loads of bubble wrap, reinforced boxes and just an extra hint of care.

How to Load and Secure Load on a Vehicle

According to the HSE, dangerous loading on vehicles accounts for more than 1,200 injuries each year and millions of pounds of damaged goods in British businesses. Correctly secure load is good for business – this means items are delivered on time and safely.

You must follow all guidelines and precautions before you carry out any form of loading on vehicles otherwise you risk messing up and putting not only yourself in danger, but also everyone else as well as the goods.

5 Quick Tips to Ease Loading:

  • Avoid loading unless you have enough light. Make sure you have appropriate lightening in the area, and you can see what you are doing.
  • You must have a detailed inspection of the vehicle. Make sure everything (horns, reflectors, lights) are present and working in their best conditions.
  • Use a bubble wrap or tarp to cover small objects.
  • If it is a passenger vehicle, then make sure unsecured objects must not be loaded loosely. Upon stopping, it might jerk off and hit the passenger.
  • When on the way, keep checking from time to time to guarantee that everything is in its place.

When you load…

  • Do not overload. You know how much your vehicle can load, therefore utilize that capacity in the best way. Overloading can cause serious issues.
  • Pick a suitable vehicle for each type of goods. Raw materials, fabrics, liquids, company goods, in fact, everything has its particular kind of car.
  • Use hooks, eyes, rails, anchors, clamps, straps, chains or ropes to hold the load in its fix place.
  • It is preferred to pack everything in even boxes or wrappings such as cartons to keep them super secure.
  • Keep the locks and lashings tight. And cover the goods with sheets of plastic or fabric so that they are secured in unexpected and unsuitable weather.
  • Don’t pile the objects on the top of another. This means attaining height, which is risky. Carriers with a high centre of gravity are expected to become unstable when overloaded.
  • You must not leave space between load and headboard.

How to properly secure load?

  • There are multiple options to be used for securing loads on a vehicle. There are combinations as well, which can be used at a time for proper stability and safety of loads.
  • Blocking and Bracing: Lumber, metal and even plastic bars are used to inhibit front to rear shifting of loads in a vehicle.
  • Fasteners: Nails and bolts are used to brace the loads. They are either used separately or on wood blocks which help to hold goods.
  • Dunnage: Scrap wood is used to fill voids. They fill the space between the goods and prevent the shifting of the load.
  • Strapping: Steel, polyester, nylon, paper strapping’s are used to hold the loads tightly in its place. They offer strength, elasticity and ability to withstand various environments. Very easy to use and safe. They are available at affordable costs.
  • Lashings: Ropes, chains, wires, nets and cables are used to secure the load. It minimizes the shifting of goods.

Carelessness can lead to….

Many times drivers and people who load goods on vehicles leave everything on luck. They don’t take guidelines seriously and show carelessness in taking safety precautions. The repercussions are inevitable. In such conditions, injuries and deaths are a common occurrence.

  • Vehicles which are overloaded or improperly loaded lose their balance and overturn.
  • When there is space left between the headboard and loaded goods, braking can be fatal for the driver.
  • When goods are not packed in a satisfactory way, then, they either fall off or bang against each other resulting in damage.
International Driving – What Documents Do You Need?

When embarking on a journey abroad, it is common to find some folks going for the option of renting vehicles. This highlights some of the most exhilarating feelings during travelling, whereby you have the freedom of hopping into a car and driving to a destination of your choice. However, driving in foreign countries is not as straightforward as it is made to sound.

There are some documents that you require to show that you are legally allowed to travel in these countries. This article gives a great insight into some of the documents that you should ensure you have within your reach so as to ensure that you are within the confines of the law when driving abroad.

International Driving Permits

One of the essential documents that you need to have with you in order to be on the safe side when driving a vehicle abroad is the International Driving Permit (IDP). In regard to this, the question of what an IDP is could quite easily crop up. So what really is an International Driving Permit?

The International Driving Permit (IDP), which can also be referred to as the International Driving License, refers to a type of document that allows you to drive a vehicle legally while abroad. It is important to note that this license is used in conjunction with your home country’s valid driver’s license. The IDP is not meant for replacing the driver’s license issued in your home country. Instead, it is used as some form of language translator of the validity of your driving license. Some of the features that it packs include; your name and relevant information regarding you as a driver.


For you to drive in foreign countries without having to keep looking over your shoulder, you should always ensure that you have a valid passport with you. In addition to this, always ensure that you’ve checked the passport’s expiry date as well as the rules of entry of all the countries that fall within the route you will be using to travel. This is because some countries require you to have a certain amount of time left in your passport before it is declared to be expired. A good example is a country like Turkey whereby you need a minimum of 6 months to the expiry date of your passport for you to be allowed entry.


Visas are among the essential documents that you can have when it comes to international travelling. The use of a visa is not only restricted to boarding a plane to foreign countries, on the contrary, it can be applied in a number of many other scenarios such as international driving. If you have a passport from the UK or even a member country of the EU, you do not require a visa to drive in EU member countries. However, in the event that you are travelling to countries out of the EU, then ensure that you have your Visa with you.


International driving is one of the most exciting activities that one can take to when visiting a foreign country. However, there are some things that one must take into consideration before embarking on driving in foreign countries. These range from learning the specific traffic rules of that particular country to abiding by the regulations that govern drivers in that country. Having the correct documents to allow you to validly drive abroad is an essential hurdle one must jump. So, next time you’re planning on driving through foreign countries, make sure you have these required documents!

Short term insurance

Mandatory contractual insurance is foundation, but that doesn’t pay you everything. This is why is convenient to think about supplementary insurance. Fortunately we live in time, where you don’t have to pay for expensive insurance, that you will never use. Quite the reverse. You can pick up the insurance which you want.

Short-term for short

What is short-term insurance? Well, as we know from the name, it is intended for a short time. It depends on insurance company, but in some of these companies it is around one month. You ask why short-term rather than year-long? The answer is simple. You save. Imagine that you are a less experienced driver and you rarely drive. In that case will be enough for you to have mandatory contractual insurance and some supplementary insurance. But if you decide to go on holiday in the summer or drive in winter, then the short-term insurance is just the job. You will take the insurance as you want and only for a certain period. So why pay for months, which you will not drive? This way you can choose insurance, for example for your holiday, and also re-insure you against vandalism, natural disasters or wild animals. Also useful is insurance against fire, explosion, road damage or damage of cables, hoses and isolation by rodent.

Risk winter

The most difficult are winter months. It is best time for supplementary short-term insurance. The risk of damage caused by snow, ice, high animals or by foreign cause is high. Everywhere is slippery, an results of this is an increase of minor accidents and damage events. And if you belong to the drivers who use the car especially in winter, you will ask yourself, why pay unnecessary expensive year-long supplementary insurance? You can have a short-term emergency insurance from 25 pounds per month. You will ensure supplementary insurance in only risk months and you will save. Why to pay for garage unnecessarily when you don’t drive with the car? Pay for insurance only when you really need it.

Broken paint…

If someone breaks a paint on the door or fender, the damage is covered by the compulsory insurance of the vehicle that has caused you damage. And no matter who was driving the vehicle. It is important to reach the offender or at least know, who he is. For the identification is good to know at least his or her licence numer. According to that, you will find out in which insurance company the car is insured. A central register on the web allows to find an insurance company through the licence number of the vehicle. And the last thing: in such a damaging event, never forget to call the police.

Who is the offender?

If the culprit don’t come to prove his identity after an accident, you can still find him or her. And the registration number is enough. Do you know, how to find out an owner of a car through licence number? Of course, you can’t find it by yourself. The police register isn’t available for public, for obvious reasons. However, you can still claim the damage caused by the compulsory insurance of offender. You just have to know his licence number. As we already mentioned, you can find his insurance company in the register on the web. But only police can find a culprit through licence number. This is why is important to call the police immediately after an incident. The police has access to all registered vehicles in England. They can detect through the transmitter or terminal not only the name or address of the home, but also the telephone contact. Ideal is to provide to police contacts of witnesses. The police can complete their testimony for record of city or industrial cameras, from the place of an accident.

Turn to the insurance company

The other way, how to find a culprit through licence number is to go to insurance company where is insured the vehicle of the culprit. That is what you can find on the web. It is necessary to inform about the damage in the insurance company of culprit with licence number and other data. Get them know that event is investigated by police. If you follow these steps and the police clearly identify the culprit, your chance to get the compensation is high.

What to do if the culprit is unknown?

If case that the culprit is unknown or uninsured and you have the police record, you don’t have to pay damages by yourself. The CPA is compulsory to pay you damage from a reserve fund in case of unknown offender. This also applies on the people who don’t have an insurance to their car. The CPA reclaim their money back from these people, because they don’t accomplish their lawful obligation- contract mandatory contractual insurance of their vehicle.

Vehicle accident from abroad …

If the car with foreign vehicle licence number wreck my car, the situation is slightly more complicated. Through vehicle licence number you can’t find an owner of the vehicle nor his insurance company. You need this information if you want to claim damages, because each insurance company has a so-called liquidation representative for England. Applies the same rule as in England: call the police and have a record of an accident with introduction of a foreign vehicle licence number. Then ask the CPA for assistance with finding the accident offender. With this information, you can then contact a specific liquidation agent with a claim for damages.

Do you ever hear about crew insurance?

The fact, that car transport is one of the most used but also the most dangerous type of transpor is probably well known. And when danger lie on every kilometer, is better to consider something more than only mandatory contractual insurance. So reach for supplementary insurance for example for crew  insurance. Don’t you hear about it yet?

Only mandatory contractual insurance?

If you think that only mandatory contractual insurance will be enough, we won’t please you. Nowdays the mandatory contractual insurance isn’t enough. Mandatory contractual insurance is base, that everyone has to have. However, this base doesn‘t be enough for everything in case of an accident. True is that this insurance can save your money and help you with lot of things. But in case that you want for you and for your property good insurance you should pay for more expensive insurance or supplementary insurance. These include, for example, supplementary crew insurance.

Driver is responsible

When you drive a car, you take several responsibilities on yourself. Because it is up to you how do you handle with your vehicle and during the ride you take responsibility not only for your self but also for fellow travelers, passers-by or drivers on opposite direstion. Because the car can also be characterized as a 1.5 ton gun, capable of spinning up to several hundred kilometers. Therefore you should know, that the driver is responsible for the crew. You should drive wisely and care about rules and the right drive fundamentals.  And never, never drive when you are drunk or have other drugs. Before the ride always remind yourself, that security of crew is during the ride in your hands.

Accident insurance

Dream of every driver is as much kilometers without an accident as possible. Though, it isn’t always possible. Danger is everywhere. Glare ice, slide on the water road, car collision or collision with wild animal and so on, and so on. Nightmare of every driver. And just for these cases, you should think, besides PZP, about closing an accident insurance, which in case of an accident or death, will be able to pay you or your loved ones a claim of up to 6,000 pounds and be valid throughout Europe. If something happen to you after an accident and you will suffer mortal or permanent concequences, accident insurance can help you and overcome the difficult period after the accident. Not only you will appreciate this kind of help, but also your loved ones.

Crew insurance

However, the accident insurance may not only apply to the driver of the vehicle. Vice versa. Literally the whole crew can be insured. Isn’t is great? Every seat in your car can be insured. So after an accident or injury won’t be cared only about you but also about other crew members. But the most important thing. Because as we mentioned above, for crew is responsible mainly the driver. So when you decide to go on holiday, consider the possivility and ensure not  only yourself but also other members of the crew. So you can all be insured in case of danger. Because a man never knows, what is on the roads.

Moral duty

We can say, that reparation of injured crew is just a moral duty. Especially if it’s a person you know and belong to your loved ones. And even if you don‘t cause an accident, you can have a compunctions if a passenger is suffering in the hospital and you can’t do anything. This is why you should think of crew insurance before every trip or holiday. An accident can ruin the whole holiday and change your whole life. And if you belong to those who believe that it is safe to drive, we will probably get you wrong. There are many cases, where the disaster is waiting at you last kilometers of your journey. You are getting back from your vacation and the other car cas smash into you at your last kilometers. But if you don’t forget abou insurance for you and your crew, an accident insurance will take care of the injured passangers of the crew and will pay the damages for the accident that happened in your car. And even if you were not responsible for the damage or accident, believe that for any injury to your passengers you will be sorry. With seat insurance, you will feel that you have made the most you can. And after a possible accident, compensation will help injured thanks to your decision to insure not only you and your car, but also the crew.

Insurance equipment

Mentioned seat accident insurance you can find on insurance webpage. Thanks to simple navigation and a simple interface the insurance equipment will take you only a few minutes. But it can save several hours of equipping and hope for a peaceful life even after an accident with fatal consequences.



Moving to the abroad

Moving abroad is demanding by itself. It takes a lot of time and energy as well. To avoid stress situations  and distress, choose removal services which offer quality and complete security for removal services. This services are especially useful when you are moving abroad. This type of moving is demanding because of kilometers and if you don’t take advantage of professional services it will be really pitty. Make it easier.

In this article you will find out how to move abroad, but also why you should use the services of a professional removal service.

How is the process for moving abroad?

  • First of all, is best to plan the transportation with a professional removal company.
  • The second step is about things you want to transport.
  • After successful removal and packaging comes putting your stuff into the removal van.
  • The next step is transport abroad.
  • Eventually, the last step is unloading things, unpacking them, and placing them in a convenient place.

Why is good to use professional  services?

  • Who is better to trust about your stuff then professionals, who have a high liability insurance for the damage caused by the removal?
  • Moving takes a lot of your precious time. Don’t waste your time and give a chance to those, who take care about every minute of your time.
  • If you leave everything on professionals, they will take care of all the necessary things for you.
  • Additional services. Do you need anything extra? Don’t you have enough time to pack your things? Never mind, the resolution is additional services that will make it for you even more easier.
  • Quality services. Many removal companies offer quality services that you can rely on.
Are you moving back to Slovakia from abroad? Do you know, what are your obligations?

If you live in another country, and you want to move back to Slovakia, you can’t make it without some obligations. Do you know which they  are? If you don’t, then this article is dedicated for you.

Before leaving…

Before you go back to your country, you should delete your commitments in the country, where you lived. This includes the cancellation of employment. You will need a confirmation of the termination of the job and information about the job you were working on. It’s also important to cancel your foreign phone number, account, internet, and other services you’ve used, and you don‘t need them anymore.


You shouldn‘t also forgive health and social responsibilities. You must sign up for health and social insurance to 8 days after returning.

Unemployment benefits

Everywhere are forms. You won‘t get rid of them even when applying for unemployment benefits. After arriving from abroad, you may not want to work immediately, so you can take advantage of unemployment benefits. To receive benefits from the country where you worked, first of all, you will have to meet all the necessary requirements of the state. To receive these benefits, fill in a completed E303 (or U2) form filled in by the foreign labor office. If you want to claim unemployment benefits in England, you will need E301 (or U1).


Are tax returns waiting for you? In this case, everything depends on whether you are a resident or non-resident. You are a resident if you have a permanent residence in England for most of the year. In this case, you have unlimited tax liability. You are non-resident if you have a permanent residence and you are a citizen of another country, and in England you are staying less than 183 days per year. Then you have a limited tax liability and only income from Slovakia is taxed if your non-taxable income is higher than 2 000 pounds.

Ebay shipping of goods to England

In today’s modern age, it is hard to find someone who doesn‘t have experience with buying / selling goods throught the Internet.

One of the global stores is also Ebay. It is a business website that offers online auctions besides buying and selling.

Payment method

Payment is special in that, that you pay for goods in advance. Once you have placed your goods in your internet basket and clicked to pay, the page will challenge you to pay. You have two options to choose from:

Enter details from your credit card

In case that you don’t have PayPal, you can enter your credit card details during the payment. This way of payment is not recommended.

Payment via Paypal

In this way of payment no seller will see your bank details. Paypal is an online payment system that allows you to transfer money between the customer and the seller. It works on the principle that your card will withdraw the sum for the goods and move it to the seller’s account. It’s certainly a better way to pay than to directly provide bank details to a seller you don‘t know.


The Ebay national servers don‘t differ only in a different language or by displaying a different currency, but also by transporting goods. Some of the national servers offer overpriced transportation. It also happens that some servers don‘t even offer transport to a particular country. Large postage is charged for example by the US and vice versa, often for free, China offers.

What to be careful about?

Attention should be paid to VAT and duty. It is true that VAT will not be avoided if you buy goods over 19 pounds. You will have to pay duty if the valuer of your goods is over 132 pounds.


Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, what can we do for you.