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Dedicated courier service for regular contract

How to choose a local courier for regular contract

Do you need to ship lots of packages daily, but are finding it difficult to know what the best shipping option is? Or are you using a range of postal options and finding it expensive. Well, look no further, because we will go through the key features you need to consider when choosing a dedicated courier service. 

There are many different reasons why people may start to look in to or consider a dedicated courier service. It is essential to understand what your requirements are as a business, so you know what you need from a courier. As well as this, when you are looking for a local courier, you need to enquire the speed that they can offer you. Most local couriers should be able to provide you with same-day deliveries. Moreover, choosing the correct dedicated courier service will allow you to be able to build a relationship and put a lot of trust in this company. Have a look at our top tips below to ensure you make the right choice:

Make sure they a reputable company.

The best courier service is one that meets all of your business’s needs. Before you commit to a courier service, ask some of your colleagues or associates which companies they have used and if they have any recommendations.

You need to make sure the courier service you chose are a reputable and reliable company. You are going to be trusting them to deliver your products quickly and efficiently, so you need to make sure they are going to fulfil this. The best way to do this is to check out the reviews and testimonials a company have. Moreover, you could ask around to see if any associates have previously used a company. Furthermore, reaching out and contacting a local courier company will help you understand if they are right for you. Having a phone call with them will give you a good idea if they are reliable or not. 

Do they offer the shipping option that you need?

Before choosing a dedicated courier service, you must ensure that they are entirely able to cover the different shipping options that you require. A vital example of this is that your company needs to send temperature-sensitive items, and need to be kept cold. You must check that your courier has the vans and facilities to complete this deliver. Do you need same-day delivery, and the parcels need picking up from an unstaffed facility, or do you need large pallets delivered? It is essential you communicate your requirements, and ensure that your dedicated courier service can provide you with these. 

The key benefits of choosing a dedicated courier service over a postal service are that you’re not dealing with shipping giants. You are much more likely to be able to connect with a dedicated individual directly, working in a much smaller company. They will then take a lot of time and effort to focus on their clients’ needs precisely. The dedicated courier service you decided to go with will be representing your business. They might be the only people that your customers see, and therefore, they will link them to your business. Therefore, so you should make sure they are professional and are going to be safely, effectively and carefully fulfilling your deliveries.

Your nearest pallet delivery express courier

If you are looking for a local express courier to carry out your pallet delivery, then look no further. Here at Transporterio – Getshipment Ltd, we offer all of the above and more. We have two locations that we operate out of one in Chester and the other in Bagillt and look after the delivery aspect for many businesses located anywhere from Deeside to Chester. As well as this we are happy to pick up your parcel from a staffed or unstaffed location, and deliver it to UK mainland destination the very same day! 

There are many different reasons why your business may need a pallet delivery, and there are various goods that you may have on the pallet. Whatever products you require shipping for, we are here to guarantee fast and secure delivery. Choosing a local express delivery courier for your pallet delivery is an effective and economical solution for small to medium-sized businesses. 

We have a large fleet consisting of small vans to curtain side vans with a tail-lift platform, ensuring we can cater for a range of different requirements. The vehicles provide up to 1.3t load capacity and 4m+ load space, which is large enough to accommodate 8 EUR-pallets or 6 UK pallets of your goods for pallet delivery at a time. 

There are many benefits to choosing your nearest pallet delivery courier such as: 

Quickly contact a person directly

By choosing a local pallet delivery service, you can talk to a real person directly, instead of an automated system. Moreover, the person you are talking to is more likely to know who you are and what services you are after. As well as this, choosing a company that is local to you, increases the likelihood that you can organise a face to face meeting if required, and meet the people handling your pallet deliveries. 


Choosing a local delivery courier is usually cheaper and more cost-effective than larger companies. Our price is per loaded mile one way calculated individually. So, get in contact with us for a quote today. 

Parcels will reach their destination faster

We are proud to offer timely and professional pallet delivery, ensuring even perishable goods arrive at their final destinations without spoiling. It is vital to small companies that you be getting superior quality and exceptional delivery times.

We also offer a range of other services, so get in contact to see how we can help you.

Same Day Courier For Manufacturing

The current situation is one that we could have never anticipated would occur. A nation-wide lockdown has seen many businesses having to adapt very quickly. Never before have same day courier services been more critical for your manufacturing business than now. Many manufacturing companies are having to up their production line to meet the demands, with many companies also adjusting the products they are manufacturing to help out where they can. If you are one of these companies that are manufacturing essential commodities, the likelihood is that you will also have a million tasks to carry out before the end of the day. Therefore, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your product or package, making its way to its final destination on time. 

Why Chose Us?

Here at Getshipment Ltd, we can take away this worry for you. We have a fleet of vehicles, with dedicated couriers that cover the whole of the UK. So, our first-class same day courier service makes sure that your products reach their destination as quickly as possible during this time-critical circumstance. 

What can we offer?

For your manufacturing company, we understand how important it is that you know and trust that your crucial products will be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible, as keeping your supply chain going is vital. This is why we offer collection Monday to Sunday across the UK mainland. We guarantee that your package will be picked up within the specified day and during a one hour slot chosen by you. We then deliver the parcel to its final destination, all within the same day, taking the stress and worry away from you. 

Regular Contract Runs 

We can cater for all different types of manufacturing businesses and can offer you incredibly impressive benefits through our regular contract runs. These include cost savings and improved efficiency and processes. This is the perfect option if your business requires multiple deliveries, both urgently and over a more extended period. We also offer a 24/7 service, with flexible scheduling. Our large scale trusted network of verified carriers, enables us to deliver, wherever you need us and however you need your contract runs to operate. 

Large range of vehicles

We can collect any package from very small to large oversized pallets. As well as this, we are happy to collect your parcels from either a staffed or unstaffed location. Our vehicles from small vans, such as a Peugeot Partner size, to large Luton vans, with different body types and wheelbases. We include a pump truck every luton van to ensure the collection and delivery of your parcel is as efficient as possible. 

We can respond to your requests very quickly and take responsibility for your crucial deliveries today, so get in touch with us for a quote.

Freight Forwarders are a Game Changer

You may be surprised to learn that not every business is willing to ship to certain places or countries in this day and age. It’s hard to imagine but this is sadly still a reality, and then of during course sales or exchanges between private persons, most sellers will most certainly not go through all the trouble of packing your purchase and having it send half way across the world to you.

There is still hope and this is evident through the rising popularity of freight forwarders, also sometimes calls forwarders, forward agents or more formally as non-vessel operating common carriers-NVOCCs. Well essentially these freight forwarders simply arrange for goods to get from one place to another, such as a manufacturer to the client. This is perhaps a dramatic oversimplification of the long list of services which they could offer you.

The type of freight forwarding agent or their speciality

Depending on the type of freight forwarding agent or their speciality, they could arrange for collection, transportation and shipping of goods, in addition to preparation of required paperwork when shipping items out of a specific country or to your specific country. For smaller clients however you could also arrange with such an agent for storage of parcels and goods  in their specific region or country and when several items have accrued over time they can ship every together as one parcel to your desired address.

These types of transactions can vary in nature as some agents will be more flexible while other can be quite rigid with the list of services offered or the manner in which they are offered. Mostly you would have access to a variety of shipping methods, which could include aeroplanes, trucks, trains and private courier vehicles, each of course with its own cost.

Cost and fees

Additionally you should expect to cover the cost of documentation or handover fees, in addition to the actually shipping and storage fees which you might incur. What makes these agents so unique is that many of them will have forwarding locations, offices or partner companies in most major cities around the world which means that if you need to do business in multiple locations one agent would most likely be able to take care of all your logistical needs.

Unique feature

Another unique feature of their services is that most freight forwarding agents are more approachable and more flexible than bigger companies, which means that you can discuss unique requirements you may have and together come up with feasible solutions, which many bigger companies don’t have available to smaller buyers.

However, as with most things in life, quality usually costs. Often we can be easily taken in by low shipping or storage rates but this does not necessarily mean that your items will arrive in a time or safe manner. Because you will in most cases not meet with the agent in person, or the agent will not have a local branch in your country it may be wise to first check out the company before entrusting them with your valuable goods.

How to Load and Secure Load on a Vehicle

According to the HSE, dangerous loading on vehicles accounts for more than 1,200 injuries each year and millions of pounds of damaged goods in British businesses. Correctly secure load is good for business – this means items are delivered on time and safely.

You must follow all guidelines and precautions before you carry out any form of loading on vehicles otherwise you risk messing up and putting not only yourself in danger, but also everyone else as well as the goods.

5 Quick Tips to Ease Loading:

  • Avoid loading unless you have enough light. Make sure you have appropriate lightening in the area, and you can see what you are doing.
  • You must have a detailed inspection of the vehicle. Make sure everything (horns, reflectors, lights) are present and working in their best conditions.
  • Use a bubble wrap or tarp to cover small objects.
  • If it is a passenger vehicle, then make sure unsecured objects must not be loaded loosely. Upon stopping, it might jerk off and hit the passenger.
  • When on the way, keep checking from time to time to guarantee that everything is in its place.

When you load…

  • Do not overload. You know how much your vehicle can load, therefore utilize that capacity in the best way. Overloading can cause serious issues.
  • Pick a suitable vehicle for each type of goods. Raw materials, fabrics, liquids, company goods, in fact, everything has its particular kind of car.
  • Use hooks, eyes, rails, anchors, clamps, straps, chains or ropes to hold the load in its fix place.
  • It is preferred to pack everything in even boxes or wrappings such as cartons to keep them super secure.
  • Keep the locks and lashings tight. And cover the goods with sheets of plastic or fabric so that they are secured in unexpected and unsuitable weather.
  • Don’t pile the objects on the top of another. This means attaining height, which is risky. Carriers with a high centre of gravity are expected to become unstable when overloaded.
  • You must not leave space between load and headboard.

How to properly secure load?

  • There are multiple options to be used for securing loads on a vehicle. There are combinations as well, which can be used at a time for proper stability and safety of loads.
  • Blocking and Bracing: Lumber, metal and even plastic bars are used to inhibit front to rear shifting of loads in a vehicle.
  • Fasteners: Nails and bolts are used to brace the loads. They are either used separately or on wood blocks which help to hold goods.
  • Dunnage: Scrap wood is used to fill voids. They fill the space between the goods and prevent the shifting of the load.
  • Strapping: Steel, polyester, nylon, paper strapping’s are used to hold the loads tightly in its place. They offer strength, elasticity and ability to withstand various environments. Very easy to use and safe. They are available at affordable costs.
  • Lashings: Ropes, chains, wires, nets and cables are used to secure the load. It minimizes the shifting of goods.

Carelessness can lead to….

Many times drivers and people who load goods on vehicles leave everything on luck. They don’t take guidelines seriously and show carelessness in taking safety precautions. The repercussions are inevitable. In such conditions, injuries and deaths are a common occurrence.

  • Vehicles which are overloaded or improperly loaded lose their balance and overturn.
  • When there is space left between the headboard and loaded goods, braking can be fatal for the driver.
  • When goods are not packed in a satisfactory way, then, they either fall off or bang against each other resulting in damage.
How to safely move glassy and fragile things?

When you are moving, you definitely come into contact with fragile and glass things.  It could be plates, vases, mirrors, glasses, statues. All of this things are easy to breake. They require a lot of attention not only when you are packing them, but also when you transport them from one place to another. We are bringing you a few tipes in this article, which will help you to transport even fragile things with easiness.

BOXES – Choice of boxes in which you transport things is really important. Boxes should be big enough, even a little bit bigger than things you put into them. Mainly during the transporting you have to close your box well so that it doesn’t fall out of it and doesn’t break.

TAPES – Use extra tapes on each box. You will ensure your boxes enough, and even if something break, it will remain into the box.

FOILS – Bubble foils provide great protection to fragile and glassy things! They are affortable and you can buy them anywhere. Thing packed into bubble foil is highly protected!

NEWSPAPER – If you don’t have a bubble foil you can also use the newspaper as a protection. It can’t protect your thing as bubble foil but always better than nothing. You can also use newspaper tu fill the space between things or its individual walls.

CORNERS – The box should be ensured enought not only from outside but also from inside. As a protection you can cut a piece of carton and secure corners in your box.

SIGN – To sign your boxes will considerably help you to transport. It will help you to know what is in each box. You will make sure, that you will be more careful with the boxes with sign, for example, mirrors.


Tips of transportation which help you to start your business

In many cases you don’t realize, how some companies are doing a lot of important things, whose business is to meet the needs of their customers. Try to look on shipping. In the past you couldn’t even imagine the fact, that you can go from one side of the world to another in one day. This apply on transportation of things as well. These days there are a lot of ways of shipping. However, the right choice of transportation can ever start your business.

Fastest way through the air

This doesn’t apply only on person transport. Even industry, trading and the growth of globalization can not even imagine it without the transport and transport services of some companies. Industrial revolution cause its development and the expansion of trade at world level. In this case, for example, safe air transportation is doing really well. It is the fastest way of transportation and this fact is invincible advantage for business. Airlines can transport large quantities of goods in very short time over long distances. This kind of shipping is really advantageous at great distances and especially in the transcontinental business. Transportation between continents is simpler and faster, thanks to air transport.

The most available version for everyone

The transport of goods is still practiced on roadways, which are able to ensure relocation, loading and unloading of goods from one place to another, just like aviation. The difference is in speed and distance. Nowadays the most popular truck transport uses public communications where they have to adapt their speed to certain rules. Companies have thoroughly planned this system and they know, which road takes them a lot of time and which not. On our terms, it’s still a very good way that you don‘t have trouble using it anywhere. On our portal you will find the whole web of shippers, who doesn’t have problems to transport cars, furniture, boxes or even animals. Attractive is also price, that is much lower then air transport. You will also appreciate accessibility. Because you can transport cargo wherever. This is why this possibility is used mainly by entrepreneurs and manufacturers which makes truck transport one of the most used transports in England. In the past it was mainly train transport, nowadays the throne was taken by shippers with trucks.

Transport of goods and products through watercourses

Malcolm McLean took care of its expansion and transition to today’s container form. He decided to remove the container from a truck trailer and load it on the boat. Later, his business started with the purchased old shipping company, and even for this purpose he re-launched tankers from the war. The use of marine transport is payable to companies that cooperate at the transnational level and need to secure the disposal of a huge amount of goods. Imagine that you load hundreds of tracks on only one ship. This is the great advantage which most supports the globalization and international trade. This type of transport is only beneficial to multinationals and more complex businesses, with large turnovers. Because only rent of containers is a few hundred pounds. Transportation will be even more expensive. The ability to transport a large amount of cargo surpass the price. So goods are transported from America or China wide-spread. So if you are planning to expand to a foreign market, container shipping will probably be the most advantageous for you.

With such a truck would be a joy to ride

The fact that the trucker’s work is not easy at all, we already know. Hundred of kilometers, driving during the day, during the night and in every weather. All of this the trucker have to handle with. And to be sincere, sleeping in a cabin truck is not really a luxury. Volvo is trying to change this fact. They introduced a new model of handler in their offer, from which the driver won‘t want to come out and rest in it will be a balm not only for the body but also for the soul.

New Volvo!

New luxury VNL Volvo tractors have been introduced in America and are the successors of old models that have been on the market since 2002. The company didn‘t concentrate on fleet renewal, so all she did was improve old models to keep pace with time. But this could not work indefinitely. The competition is huge nowadays and Volvo is gradually lagging behind. The only thing the company had to do was to bend and bring new models.

Changes from basics …

And here the car maker really cared. In order to catch up with the competition, she literally dug the whole cabin. The goal was to get to the hard-working truckers the best of comfort, not only during the ride but also during the rest. So here we have a VNL flagship. During the ride it can offer improvements that will improve the driver’s comfort. For example, such a normally pillar management is not at all ordinary, but “miraculous”. It can be set in multiple axes so that everyone can adjust the steering wheel to the position that suits it most.

Comfort on the first place

The steering wheel is equipped with the maximum number of control buttons to keep them for a driver on hand and doesn‘t have to distract while driving by searching for the right button somewhere on the dashboard. If the crew wants to refresh themselves with drinks, they have two beverage holders. These can be moved from side to side. The small object storage was moved directly onto the dashboard. Drivers is more likely to store objects higher and in sight. The instrument panel is complete with a large display to show important information. We can find the basic data on the classic analogue indicators.

And now to the main one. What does the hotel on wheels offers? At the rear of the cabin is everything the truck driver needs for a comfortable rest. Although it may seem like the space is a bit slim, it only seems like that. There are two beds one above the other. On the top bed you can scrape off thanks to the telescopic ladder. Even on the top bed is enough place for a person 186 centimeters high, which can sit there well without  uncomfortable feel under the roof. Just take the cold beer from the fridge, warm up your food in the microwave and enjoy your football on the TV directly in the warmth and comfort of the cabin.

A truck that everyone wants

From the comfort of the bed, the driver can control the air conditioning, ventilation and locking of the vehicle thanks to the panel mounted on the wall. Fortunately, there are plenty of USB ports on the walls, and there is an auto-socket. Under the hood is a D13 engine with different power ratings. The most powerful tractor variant will be the Cummins X15 engine with a performance of 572 hp. The only downside is that this fantastic machine isn‘t for Europe. Only the Americans can enjoy the hotel on the wheels. However, this may be changed over time.

Ebay shipping of goods to England

In today’s modern age, it is hard to find someone who doesn‘t have experience with buying / selling goods throught the Internet.

One of the global stores is also Ebay. It is a business website that offers online auctions besides buying and selling.

Payment method

Payment is special in that, that you pay for goods in advance. Once you have placed your goods in your internet basket and clicked to pay, the page will challenge you to pay. You have two options to choose from:

Enter details from your credit card

In case that you don’t have PayPal, you can enter your credit card details during the payment. This way of payment is not recommended.

Payment via Paypal

In this way of payment no seller will see your bank details. Paypal is an online payment system that allows you to transfer money between the customer and the seller. It works on the principle that your card will withdraw the sum for the goods and move it to the seller’s account. It’s certainly a better way to pay than to directly provide bank details to a seller you don‘t know.


The Ebay national servers don‘t differ only in a different language or by displaying a different currency, but also by transporting goods. Some of the national servers offer overpriced transportation. It also happens that some servers don‘t even offer transport to a particular country. Large postage is charged for example by the US and vice versa, often for free, China offers.

What to be careful about?

Attention should be paid to VAT and duty. It is true that VAT will not be avoided if you buy goods over 19 pounds. You will have to pay duty if the valuer of your goods is over 132 pounds.

Become a carrier easily

Do you consider to become a shipper? Your dream can quickly turn into reality. You have to register on and they will show you great amount of possibilities. In this article you will find out, how to become a shipper quickly, simply and advantageously.

With what can help you with?

  • Eliminate dead kilometers and increase pure profits
  • Build long-term business partnerships and loyal clientele
  • Maintain overview about your competition and current trends

What they will need from you? The main prority is to create a profile on Registration is fast, simple and runs only in the three following steps:

  1. Select membership level. You can choose from three types of memberships: forwarders, combined PRO members and shippers with trucks. You can also choose a membership length of one month, half a year or a year.
  2. Fill the profile. By filling the profile you will provide to a potentional customer overview about all important informations about you and services that you porvide. Beside that, your satisfied customers can rate your services, which will make you new ways to the new customers.
  3. Verification and Accreditation. At this point, you will need to submit a few copies of your documents. This include, in particular, vehicle insurance contract, goods transport insurance, public liability insurance and employers’ liability, and others. This will ensure your safety and quality, qualified competition! An important matter is also verification of your person. This will help you to prevent unauthorized use of your data.

Did you finish all the steps that included this registration? Congratulations. Now you can enjoy and prepare for your new customers!



Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, what can we do for you.