When you are about to ship cargo one thing you might want to consider is how to fit everything in a limited amount of space available to you. Of course, this is because; space usually equal money in the shipping business. Hence, more space equals more money.

So, one of the questions people often ask is how to pack their items correctly without taking up too much space. Yes, it can be a nightmare when you have so many things to pack, but with not much space to pack everything. Here is where the creative mindsets kick in – you start to make theoretical calculations on how to fit large boxes in tiny spaces.

Although your elementary math can help here, it should please you to know that there are tricks and tips to get you out of this little predicament. We’ve written a guide on how to best use your storage space to get the most out of it.

Choose A Container That Fits Your Needs

The foremost thing to do is to select a container which is the right size for the items you want to store. If you have only a handful of things, then you should opt for a 2.3m by 2.3m mini cube, and if you have significantly more, then you will need a forty foot container.

Work out the size of items you are expecting and estimate the size of the storage container you will need for that.

Stack Items That Are Not Breakable

For your non-breakable items, you can place them in boxes, one on top of the other. Putting things in boxes means all the available space can be filled as boxes tend to have regular shapes. It also removes the difficulties associated with storing odd-shaped items.

When packing and unpacking in a storage container, goods should be stacked on one end at the end of the storage space. Other items are placed on top until there is no space left to add more things.

The next row is filled in a similar manner, and this continues until space gets filled.

Clear Excess Packaging When Shipping Bulky Items

Bulky items are often difficult to store because of the difficulty involved in moving them, and this usually results in them being put in inappropriate positions which don’t maximize the space available.

It can lead to safety concerns while moving these items. Hence, one way to reduce the amount of load is by decreasing their size and weight, and this can be done by removing any unnecessary packaging which can be done away with.

Leave Packaging On For Items Susceptible To The Environment

Some items are prone to damage due to changes in humidity and temperature so it’s best to leave the packaging on for goods of this nature as this can help protect them.

The packaging might take some extra room, but it beats losing them on account of wanting to economize space.

Allow Easy Access To Items With Immediate Need

There might be the temptation to use every inch of floor space in the storage space, but this will prove to be an unwise decision especially if you have to retrieve items from it.

Remember to position goods which you may have to access quickly within easy reach, and If you are going to be taking things out on a regular basis, then it is a good idea to leave a central aisle to facilitate access.

The bottom line

Using space efficiently can save you money and ensure that all your goods fit into your storage space. It is also a useful means to reduce the amount you spend on storing items and the methods described above are a few of the ways you can get the most out of your storage space.